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Local Father Appalled as 10-Year-Old Son Still Clueless About Easter Bunny’s Egg-Laying Abilities

easter bunny eggs

Local dad Peter Hopkins expressed his utter dismay today that his 10-year-old son, Cadbury, still hasn’t grasped the biological impossibility of rabbits laying eggs, even after yet another Easter has come and gone.

“I mean, how many more Easters do we have to go through before this kid gets it?” Peter exclaimed, shaking his head in disbelief. “It’s basic biology! Rabbits don’t lay eggs, for crying out loud. Let alone delicious chocolate ones! I’m going to have to hide these stupid eggs forever.”

Despite Peter’s repeated attempts to guide his son to putting two and two together, his son Cadbury remains steadfast in his belief that the Easter Bunny is the one responsible for the annual egg delivery.

“I’ve tried everything – diagrams, YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles– but nothing seems to sink in,” Peter lamented, visibly frustrated. “I’m starting to think he’s doing this just to mess with me.”

“I explained to him that mammals don’t lay eggs so isn’t it strange that the Easter bunny, a mammal, lays chocolate ones,” explained Peter. “Then he told me he Googled it and found that platypuses are mammals and they lay eggs. Well he got me there. Kids these days, I tell you.”

When asked for comment, Cadbury smirked slyly, “If dad finds out I know about the Easter Bunny, I won’t get all this candy every year,” he stated matter-of-factly, before skipping off to hunt for more chocolate treats.

As the Hopkins household, one thing remains certain: Mark Henderson will be investing in some educational books on animal biology for his son’s next birthday, in hopes he’ll finally figure it out.


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