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Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Features First Child Guest Alec Jones

joe rogan expereince kid

The ever-unpredictable Joe Rogan Experience shattered another mold this week, welcoming its youngest guest ever: 9-year-old Alec Jones, a fourth grader from Austin, Texas. The episode, which aired yesterday, left audiences both amused and bewildered as Rogan delved into topics including ancient archeology, memories of the Comedy Store, and ice baths.

“It’s entirely possible that this kid might just be the next big thing,” Rogan declared at the start of the episode, As the interview kicked off, Rogan wasted no time diving. “So, Alec, what’s your workout routine like? Do you hit the monkey bars hard, or are you more of a dodgeball kind of kid?” he inquired curiously.

“It’s entirely possible that I’m the strongest kid in my class,” Alec responded proudly, puffing out his chest. “I start my day with a cup of Black Rifle coffee then take a keto cold lunch with elk meat and Alpha Brain to school each day.” he boasted. “I do kettlebell training using milk jugs and hot yoga with my uncle. My mom says i’m super strong”

Rogan nodded approvingly. “That’s solid, man. You just feel better when you eat elk. It’s red, rich and nutrient-dense. Elk are like athletes, they are always needing to stay on their toes to avoid predators.” The conversation veered unexpectedly when Rogan asked “Alec, ever heard of Fritz Haber? Guy basically invented chemical warfare. savage stuff,” he remarked, leaning back in his chair.

Alec looked clearly puzzled. “No, but I’m really good at adding fractions.”

Rogan shrugged, undeterred. “Well, it’s entirely possible you’ll learn about him in history class one day. Dude was a trip.” “Pull that up, Jamie,” he said, gesturing towards the monitor, prompting Jamie to frantically Google Fritz Haber’s Wikipedia page.

“Ever thought about starting your own podcast?” he suggested. “You seem to know a lot about dinosaurs and geometry,” Rogan added. “You could name it Snack Time Scraps! I’ll help set you up! Might as well try your hand at some stand-up comedy too.”

Alec looked overwhelmed but nodded agreeingly. “There definitely aren’t too many podcasts out there. The world could always use another one.” Alec claimed.

As it began to inch towards Alec’s bedtime, audiences were left both entertained and confused about what to think about the four hour interview. Who knows, it’s entirely possible little Alec could headline at the Comedy Mothership or be a bantamweight UFC world champion someday. 

One thing is for certain, Alec Jones makes an entertaining guest and you can believe everything he has to say. 

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