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Got a tip, a complaint, or just want to share your latest parenting mishap? We’re all ears! Feel free to reach out to the Tattletale Times team at We promise we’ll read your email between sips of coffee and bites of half-eaten PB&J sandwiches.

For Breaking News Tips:
Have you stumbled upon a groundbreaking discovery, like the secret location where missing socks go or photographic evidence of the monster under the bed? Send it our way, and we’ll give you the credit you so desperately deserve (or not, your choice).

To Report Parental Shenanigans:
Witnessed a playdate scandal, a covert snack raid, or a toddler finishing their vegetables? We want the scoop! Drop us an email, and we’ll investigate with the seriousness the situation deserves (spoiler alert: not much).

Tech Glitches or Complaints:
Is our website behaving like a toddler on a sugar rush? Let us know about any technical hiccups or issues you encounter. We promise to fix them as quickly as a parent grabbing a runaway toddler in a crowded toy store.

Suggestions and Feedback:
Love us? Hate us? Have an idea for a satirical take on parenting that we haven’t covered? We want to hear it all! Your feedback helps us fine-tune our news publication and keep the laughs rolling.

Job Inquiries:
Think you have what it takes to join our team of parenting pundits? Send us your résumé and a cover letter (bonus points if it’s written in crayon) to We can’t promise you’ll get paid in goldfish crackers, but we can guarantee a great time.

Remember, at Tattletale Times, we take parenting as seriously as a toddler takes their bedtime routine. So drop us a line and let the laughter flow!


Note: Please allow 3-5 business days for a response. We’re parents, after all, and our inbox is as chaotic as a playdate with too many sugary snacks.