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Advertise Us: Because Laughter Sells

Are you looking for a fresh, humorous way to get your brand into the hearts and homes of parents everywhere? Look no further than Tattletale Times, where we specialize in turning everyday parenting chaos into comedy gold. If you want to be part of the laughter, then advertise with us and watch your brand shine brighter than a toddler’s smile on Christmas morning.

Why Tattletale Times?

Engagement: Parents are our loyal readers, and they’re not just scrolling past—we have them snorting coffee out of their noses. Advertise with us, and your brand will be right there, causing laughter-induced spills and unforgettable moments.


Parents: The decision-makers, the gatekeepers, and the primary audience who can appreciate a good laugh amidst the chaos.

Parents-to-Be: Soon-to-be-parents who are eagerly soaking in all the humor and advice they can get.

Anyone who has ever been a child, knows a child, or is still a child at heart.

Saturated Humor:

We speak the language of parents and have mastered the art of turning the everyday struggles of parenting into a laugh.

Our satire is so sharp it could cut through the stubbornness of a toddler in a candy store.

Advertising Opportunities:

Sponsored Content: Let our talented writers craft a hilarious, satirical piece that seamlessly integrates your brand into the laughter.

Banner Ads: Grab attention with banner ads strategically placed on our pages. Warning: Side effects may include uncontrollable giggles.

Product Placement: Want your product featured in a way that will have parents saying, “I need that in my life!”? We can make it happen, and we’ll do it with style.

How to Advertise:

Contact our advertising team at to discuss your advertising needs, budget, and how we can tailor a campaign to make your brand the talk of the playground.

Disclaimer: Tattletale Times reserves the right to reject advertisements that don’t align with our humorous, family-friendly tone. We believe in advertising that brings joy, not negativity.

Get ready to tickle the funny bone of parents everywhere. Advertise with Tattletale Times and turn parenting struggles into marketing triumphs!


Note: Response time may vary depending on the level of chaos in our homes—please be patient; parenting humor is a delicate art.