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Woman Contemplates Whether Neighbor is Organizing a Yard Sale or Undergoing a Hoarding Intervention

yard sale or hoarder

Nosey local woman, Sofia Snoopington, spent the better part of Saturday morning staring out of her living room window, pondering the profound question that she assumes the whole neighborhood is wondering: Is Shelby Stashmore next door having a yard sale, or has her family intervened with a hoarding intervention?

“I mean, the signs are all there,” Snoopington pondered, a half-empty, bedazzled Shelby cup of coffee in hand as she squinted at the eclectic collection of items strewn across Shelby Stashmore’s lawn. “But is it really a yard sale, or is this just her loved ones attempting to Marie Kondo her life in one chaotic event?”

Snoopington, an avid enthusiast of suburban intrigue, took it upon herself to conduct a meticulous investigation into the matter. Armed with binoculars, a notebook, and a suspiciously large sun hat, she stealthily approached the scene, attempting to not raise suspicion.

Upon closer inspection, Snoopington discovered a mountain of items that ranged from vintage tea sets to an impressive collection of National Geographic magazines. “It’s like a museum of the bizarre,” she whispered to herself, taking notes on what seemed like ancient relics from the ’80s.

As the morning progressed, Snoopington attempted to engage Shelby Stashmore in conversation. “So, uh, nice day for a yard sale, isn’t it?” she casually inquired, trying not to appear too prying.

Shelby Stashmore, a woman of few words and many cats, responded with a cryptic smile. “Who would want to sell their yard?,” she remarked, leaving Snoopington more confused than ever.

Undeterred, Snoopington decided to consult the neighborhood watch Facebook group, seeking guidance from her fellow armchair detectives. The ensuing discussion reached epic proportions as neighbors debated the true nature of Shelby Stashmore’s outdoor exhibition.

“Maybe she’s a scatterbrained avant-garde artist,” suggested one member.

“Or perhaps she’s staging a protest against consumerism,” chimed in another.

In the end, the debate raged on, and Shelby Stashmore continued to watch the spectacle unfold from her porch, typing up an email to the A&E TV show Hoarders on her iPad. “Maybe I could get my fifthteen minutes of fame being interviewed for the show. No one else in the neighborhood knows as much hot goss as I do.” she thought to herself

As for Sofia, she eventually gave up on unraveling the mystery, deciding that some questions in life are best left unanswered. To relax at the end of the long day of snooping, she logged into NextDoor to clock in her two hours of posting complaints on what most of her neighbors wouldn’t think twice about.  


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