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Mom Driven Insane by Blippi Screams ‘So Much to Learn About, Makes You Wanna Shout. Shoot Me!’

Blippi shoot me

In what can only be described as a desperate cry for help, local mother of two, Karen Torrance, has reached the breaking point after enduring her 32nd consecutive Blippi video. Blippi, the beloved children’s YouTube sensation and his stupid orange and blue beret, has all but broken parents throughout the world. 

Sources close to the family reveal that the tipping point came during yet another rendition of the “Excavator Song,” when Torrance grabbed her son’s iPad and threw it like a frisbee against the wall and screamed “So much to learn about, makes you wanna shout. Shoot me!”

Her husband Jack, who also hates Blippi but not as much as Baby Shark, soon realized he had been missing all the warning signs. “At first, I thought she was just being silly when I saw an email draft on her work laptop with “All Blippi, No Break, makes my sanity shake.” filling the screen,” Jack explained, “but then I saw the emptiness in her eyes. That’s when I knew – Blippi had broken my wife.” 

Friends and neighbors have also noticed a change in Karen. “She used to be the life of the PTA meetings,” said neighbor and fellow mother, Emily Hallorann. “But now, she’s constantly humming Blippi tunes under her breath and staring off into the distance. Last week, when we were discussing “The Shining” she brought a toy fire truck to our book club and started explaining how it worked.

In desperation, Jack has started a support group for other parents suffering from similar burnout. The group, cleverly named “Blipped Out,” meets weekly to share coping strategies and occasionally just sit in blissful silence, a luxury many childless adults take for granted. Membership has skyrocketed, with parents from all over the neighborhood joining in. Cocomelon, Ms Rachel and Paw Patrol support groups are also in the works.

Despite the challenges, Karen remains optimistic about the future. “I just want to get back to a time when my day wasn’t dictated by a grown man in a bow tie talking about backhoes,” she said wistfully. “Until then, pray for me.”

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